Media Workflows Print & Online

AdFlow Enterprise is a status-driven workflow solution for print and online media production. AdFlow Enterprise workflows begin with the media booking in an ERP or another booking system and end with the transfer of the advertisements to the print page production or to the web server. All production stages of the different processes are status-driven, standardized and lean. All workflows are digital and paperless without chain breaks.

Intelligent Business Analysis

An important issue regarding the implementation of a long-term successful workflow solution is the tracking of the individual performance of each workflow and business process. The main goal of monitoring the performance is to unveil bottle necks or organisational flaws in order to optimize production processes. AdFlow Enterprise collects performance data and provides tools enabling you to analyse the different workflow stages. 

PDF Preparation & Processing

AdFlow Enterprise offers comprehensive tools for PDF preflighting, color correction and content-stream manipulation. Our workflow system saves IT and software costs by providing all necessary PDF preparation tools  in the AdFlow browser apps which are carried out by the central application server. All working steps in AdFlow Enterprise PDF processing can done easily and safely: No profound technical knowledge is required by the user.  

Deep Integration into Booking Solutions

The AdFlow Enterprise solution is deeply connected to your booking solution: Unique and standardized xml-interfaces transact in both directions. Every change of the booking is reflected in AdFlow Enterprise and vice-versa. Thus technical data such as print or online motives and preview data are transferred to complete the data in the booking system and to keep the sales staff informed.

Outsourcing Tools

Media revenues are declining, forcing media houses to cut off fixed costs by outsourcing media production to external type setting agencies. AdFlow Enterprise provides tools allowing to embed external organisations easily, just as if they were part of your company. The business process data of the workflows is collected and used for billing services. Home workers and freelancers can rely on a comfortable, safe architecture. 


Nearly 90 percent of media advertising is not designed from scratch but comes from an earlier issue in the past. It is important to file and find these previously used motives easily. AdFlow Enterprise maintains two stages of archiving: The online archive contains the actual booking containers for direct access. The next stage is to swap obsolete containers into an NAS archive. This two-stage archive is maintained automatically.


 AdFlow Systems supports you with innovative software solutions meeting the challenges of a changing media industry. Media houses and publishers can rely on bespoken and well-proven software modules and high-quality applications, which can be seamlessly integrated into your publishing environment. Our team is highly experienced in introducing efficient, cost-cutting and effective workflows in media production for in-house manufacturing as well as for external organisations. We provide best-practice solutions, which we have implemented to our customers specifications at nearly 40 successful reengineering projects.

Server Module

AdFlow Enterprise Basic Server

Application server with media booking database, unlimited AdFlow application users, PDF- and EPS-rendering engine, user control, user admin and GUI admin apps, XML interfaces to booking solutions such as SAP or other common media solutions.

Server Module

Business Data Toolbox

Data module and various tools for collecting and analyzing relevant data on business processes and performances within the workflow chains of AdFlow Enterprise. This module can also be used with regard to the billing of typesetting services or user accounting.

Client Module

Control Station

The Control Station is a client component monitoring the media production progress in real time. This module can be used as a monitoring tool or to prioritize media production regarding relevant booking parameters such as publication, due times, issue dates, artwork-id or customers' attributes. 

Client Module


This component connects DTP and typesetting software to AdFlow Enterprise workflows and supports for example InDesign CS3 up to Indesign CC or QuarkXPress up to 10. Thus the DTP-Center enables the typesetting and design process according to the respective booking data.

Client Module

Customer-Approval Toolbox

This module enables a status-driven customer approval  workflow and provides web and pdf forms individually customized and with interactive facilities. Media advertising (online and print) can easily be proofed, checked and released by sales persons or customers. This status-driven workflow is instantiated by the booking and rules the release of the advertising.

Server Module

AdFlow Profiler

The Profiler is a software module of AdFlow Enterprise which analyzes incoming data and extracts readable information. The Profiler provides a multitasking and multithreading queueing mechanism, which automatically scans incoming deliveries. 

Server Module


Merlin is a module which associates incoming data sent by e-mail, ftp or file services with internal media bookings. In addition, Merlin extracts readable text and enables the searching and finding of data by using phrases or buzz-words.

Client Module

Print-Ready Toolbox

This toolbox is a collection of tools, which are required to process print-ready artwork. This artwork often is accompanied by surrounding white space, wrong media/trim boxes or mismatching color definitions. With this toolbox you can correct all these problems easily and directly in your browser.

Client Modul


This module enables a standardized booking-based workflow without the real booking of a customer. The booking attributes can be configured according to the different workflow processes or different publications. Ad-Order is also a booking tool for Xmedia advertisements.

Database Module


The Scheduler module is a planning component to organize time models based on booking criteria such as publication, issue dates, salespeople. This module maintains a production calendar with all working days being used by control-station focused organisations and helping to organize and prioritize your media production.

Server Module

AdFlow PDF Preflight & Correction

The PDF Engine is a full-blown PDF processor. This fast and cutting-edge technology provides tools for preflighting and converting PDF data according to configurable criteria, color-spaces or quality issues. All PDF reports are highly customizable. 

Server Module

E-Tracking Module

E-Tracking is the real-time tracking of the workflow progress with the focus on media bookings. E-Tracking reports state and process information to configurable e-mail. Thus responsible persons or customers can be informed in real-time about the production progress.

Client Module

Composite Proof

This proofing client module is a real-time, fast ripping facility for PDF data embedded into the browser app of AdFlow Enterprise. This component allows the ripping of separations or the composite of different color layers. In addition, Composite Proof marks areas exceeding an ink-coverage limit.

Client Module


The PDF-Marker is a full-blown e-pen solution to mark and comment PDF documents manually. Marked documents are attached to a AdFlow Enterprise booking container. The PDF Marker makes it easier for the sales staff to record changes and notes for the typesetting process that follows.

Database Module

Logos & Media Database

This component is part of the AdFlow Enterprise database and enables the classified storage of templates, customers' logo data as well as online or print data. The Logo & Media Database is a central repository of reusable data and extends the booking-oriented database of AdFlow. If you want to migrate your customer data, we are able to automize this task.

Our Licensing Models

 AdFlow Enterprise offers three licensing models: First, the classic licensing which is accompanied by a maintenance contract with free of cost software updates and releases of all licensed components. Second, a leasing model with a fixed period of time is available: There is an inital rate at the beginning of the leasing period and a monthly fee during the term. At the end of the leasing period, you may exercise a buying option by paying a final fee. Third, we offer a pure rental model with a monthly fee. Software updates are not included and there is no buying option.

Classic Model

 License fee + software maintenance

Upgrade, releases and patches included

Service/support level 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Support level 7/24 upgrade available

 Consulting up to 8h per month

Configuration support

 Free AdFlow Evolution group membership

Leasing Model

 Monthly fee + buying option

Upgrade, releases and patches included

Service/support level 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Support level 7/24 upgrade available


Configuration support

 Free AdFlow Evolution group membership

Rental Model

 Monthly fee

Patches included, no upgrades, no releases

Service/support level 9:00 am - 5:00 pm



Configuration support



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Our Latest News

Media Group Pressedruck decides in favour of AdFlow Online Suite

AdFlow Online Suite:

Media companies are given the opportunity to control all their online ads centrally by using a close integration of the order booking into the Google DFP server networks through AdFlow. They can plan advertising compaigns, use Frequency Capping (FC) and apply targetings. The AdFlow Online Suite also provides comprehensive reportings in connection with the DFC network.


AdFlow Enterprise and DFP online advertising production – a strong team

The abbreviation DFP, „DoubleClick for Publishers“, stands for Google’s ad serving platform. DFP offers central controlling and customizing of online advertising for websites, mobile devices, game portals and others.

The aim of the DFP platform is to provide an ideal instrument for publishers to market their online advertising and to improve their revenue situation. The ideal publication of the advertisement is determined by a connection of AdSense and AdExchange.

AdFlow Enterprise - the standard solution regarding media production for publishing houses – covers now the Google DFP service offerings and provides a smooth automated production flow, ranging from ad booking to handover and activating of the advertisement on the DFP server.

One again AdFlow sets standards in efficient media production: According to the data of the commercial booking in the ad booking system AdFlow produces and processes digital ads. AdFlow creates a new record for the ad booking in the DFP server, supports the sales and online department regarding the ideal placing and transfers the online advertisement fully automated and without media breaks to the DFP server. The status is reported back to the commercial booking system and invoicing is activated.


AdFlow Online Suite – online-advertising-production – simple, elegant, comprehensive

Publishers and media houses focus more and more on a customer-oriented media mix covering traditional print advertising, supplements and leaflets as well as made-to-measure online advertising for their regional business partners.

In the range of online marketing publishing houses frequently use DoubleClick by Google and of course also advertising space covering their own online products.

Here it becomes apparent that publishing houses are at their best when producing print advertising. Software and system architecture is optimized for conventional print advertising und supplement and leaflet production. In the field of online advertising it’s different: Quite often online advertising is manual labour intensive and produced with frequent media disruptions through DFP platforms – as the business process is not integrated into media production.

Here AdFlow Online Suite comes into play, helping to control the booking and manufacturing process for digital advertising:

  • AdFlow creates its own online booking orders or takes online orders of the commercial booking system through interfaces. 
  • In the background AdFlow provides for creating a record of the business partner and the corresponding ad booking on the stored DFP Server 
  • AdFlow provides lean overviews and forecast queries from the inventory on hand and allows filtering by targeting presettings. 
  • AdFlow supports the manufacturing and design of the creatives by a booking-oriented workflow and provides for an efficient administration of advertising media. 
  • AdFlow transfers the completed online advertisement to the stored webserver and activates the campaigns. 
  • AdFlow takes on the preview links of the advertising campaigns and reports back the activated campaign to the booking system.

By using AdFlow Online Suite media houses can control the online production workflow and reduce processing costs considerably. Especially when advertising volumes rise, an efficient control and handling of online campaigns allows them to gain a substantial competitive advantage. Even publishing houses whose booking systems are not efficient in handling or booking digital advertising are provided with the possibility of administering und manufacturing online advertising booking-oriented and highly integrated.

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